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Dec 07, 2019 How can I connect to a Samba server using its hostname After following tutorials and forums I can successfully ping, by hostname and IP, my windows desktop box and my media server Ubuntu box fine, and vice versa. I've configured Samba to set up a share called Movies on my media server. I also set up an account on Samba using my Linux username, windows username with my Linux password. Samba access from Android device stopped working - Windows

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LAN drive - SAMBA Server & Client v5.7 (Unlocked LAN drive – SAMBA Server & Client Works without ROOT: Read the tutorial inside the app (works on Windows / MAC / Linux). Transform your phone as a network drive (also known as “z drive“). Access your phone/device files with common softwares : MAC OS Finder, Windows File Explorer, Android ES …

Jul 16, 2018

Best SAMBA/smb app? : androidapps Make samba shares on Android device itself with: Samba Filesharing, SambaDroid or Servers Ultimate (= multi-protocol server app). Might all need root. Audio apps with samba mount support built in: ArmAmp, Neutron, BsPlayer, XenoAmp, XBMC/Kodi (sideload), SPMC (Xbmc clone) Google releases Samba client for Android, adds Windows Jul 05, 2017 How to Access Shared Windows Folders on Android, iPad, and