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An Alternative to Ubuntu network manager is systemd-networkd, which is the default backend service in Ubuntu server 18.04. So if you want to disable the NetworkManager, then the networkd service should be enabled, while it is better to disable networkd service when network manager is running. Disable Network Manager and enable systemd-networkd How to Use Arch Linux Network Manager – Linux Hint Add the network manager to your taskbar through Panel options >> Add widgets >> Networks. Search for “network”. Drag and drop it at the corner of the taskbar. Voila! Network management is directly available from your taskbar. Final thoughts. Network management on Arch Linux is pretty interesting. 2020 Best Linux Network Monitoring Tools and Software Oct 08, 2019

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NetworkManager is a dynamic network control and configuration system that attempts to keep network devices and connections up and active when they are available. NetworkManager consists of a core daemon, a GNOME Notification Area applet that provides network status information, and graphical configuration tools that can create, edit and remove connections and interfaces.

8.3. Comparison of Network Teaming to Bonding; 8.4. Understanding the Network Teaming Daemon and the "Runners" 8.5. Install the Network Teaming Daemon; 8.6. Converting a Bond to a Team; 8.7. Selecting Interfaces to Use as Ports for a Network Team; 8.8. Selecting Network Team Configuration Methods; 8.9. Configure a Network Team Using the Text

Jul 14, 2009 networkmanager(8): network management daemon - Linux man … The NetworkManager daemon attempts to make networking configuration and operation as painless and automatic as possible by managing the primary network connection and other network interfaces, like Ethernet, WiFi, and Mobile Broadband devices. NetworkManager will connect any network device when a connection for that device becomes available, unless that behavior is disabled. How to run NetworkManager on Kali Linux - Quora Apr 09, 2018 5 of the Best File Managers for Linux - Make Tech Easier Nov 16, 2018