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Feb 10, 2020 Paypal phishing by email, "Confirm your identity" - Fakes Paypal phishing by email, “Confirm your identity” We have detected a new scam in the network, it is a new phishing, in this case it is Paypal, as you know, it is a secure online payment method. We are convinced that you use this platform to make secure payments in online stores or internet services like millions of other people around the PayPal Users hit with 'Payment Made without Permission

Feb 14, 2020

Feb 01, 2017

PayPal tops the list of most impersonated brand in

PayPal phishing email — College Confidential PayPal phishing email. kiddie 3791 replies 236 threads Senior Member. March 19 in Parent Cafe. Just a reminder and warning to everybody. I got an email that claimed to be paypal asking me to do something because my account was frozen. I went directly to paypal (didn't use the link in the email… Scam alert: fake PayPal emails – Which? Conversation Jul 23, 2020 PayPal Phishing Scams - How to Avoid Them (Update November Computer hackers are coordinating email phishing messages which manipulate the recipients into thinking that they have received a login notification prompt from the PayPal service. The message is designed using the familiar design elements and layout. The … New PayPal Phishing Scam Uses Unusual Activity Alerts to