It is not practical to use a $500 computer as a $100 external monitor. It will not boot up like a real monitor. You would have to boot up the One and the computer you are using and then switch to external monitor and then set it up on the One..a waste of time and energy. Test it to see how it works or doesn't. Buy another monitor.

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How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 | PC-MIND Update your PS4. It is mandatory to update your video game to 3.50, this you go through the … How to connect the PS3 HDMI output to the laptop - Quora Well, you ask “How do I connect the PS3 to the laptop using the HDMI port?” This question could have several possible meanings, so I will take the time out of my day to answer each of them individually. First possible meaning: You want to connect

hey anyways why the hell you need to run computer through ps3 on tv why not simply connect hdmi directly to led and pc or laptop whatever almost all pcs have hdmi output, i do this all the time connect full hd tv to laptop through hdmi and use wir

Sep 09, 2010 How to link my PS3 to my laptop in order to use the laptop