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The reason setting up your own SMTP server within the site can be beneficial is because when emails are sent out from FluidReview they abide by the Junk/Spam and other security filters set up by the receiver of the email. Unfortunately, this can mean that if the email address is not recognized by the recipients' email domain, it can get lost in Configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (Scan to

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Select Email Server Setup. 5: Enter the Primary SMTP Gateway information. NOTE: The most important information is the gateway and the port. If the SMTP server required authentication, this should be entered here. 6: Enter the reply address here. the Max Email Size will depend on how your server is set up. Thunderbird SMTP settings - smtp mail server Here’s the process to set up an SMTP for Thunderbird: open the client, select “Account Settings” from the “Tools Menu” and click on “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”. Then click “Add”: the software will display this popup window: Now fill the field with these information: “Description”: enter a general name for your SMTP server. Configure outgoing email for a SharePoint Server farm Mar 12, 2018 Setting up SMTP on IIS 7 : The Official Microsoft IIS Forums