Nov 05, 2018 · The Bytes Total/sec tells you the total number of bytes received and bytes sent over the network connection per second. This is the sum of the Bytes Received/Sec and Bytes Sent/Sec values. I believe the values of 2.00M, 4.00M, 6.00M & 8.00M means 2MB/s of data being transferred.

Nov 29, 2019 · The fields bytes sent/received means: cs-bytes: Number of bytes sent from client to appliance sc-bytes: Number of bytes sent from appliance to client. I understand that your internet connection shows high number of sent and received bytes, this is due to high internet usage. It happens when you download huge files or watch high resolution videos. It may also happen if there is any program running in background like updates, for example, Windows updates and your anti-virus program. Mar 07, 2004 · Whenever i see the LAN CONNECTION STATUS i find the number of packets sent is roughly the same as the number of packets received. E.g. AS OF NOW sent = 713 received = 698. I did use NETSTAT and got the following result. Active Connections. Proto Local Address Foreign Address State Re: VPN Client to PIX - no received bytes on client I thought I'd resurrect this thread, since I mentioned that we were going to get a bunch of used 501's and try to hook them all together. Well, they bought 7 of them and sent me one to figure out. May 19, 2005 · The network connections window would show 'sent' 780 packets but only received 'one' (sometimes none). I reset my router, unsecured it, removed the firewall, ticked the TCP/IP and DNS to auto

bytes sent, and bytes received.Is there some way to read this information from performancelog?thankyou Apr 27 '06 # 4

Feb 20, 2015 · Today morning my clients office some staff cannot find any emails their inbox. and some recipients not received any mails from these email accounts. also i checked in junk folder and web access. but afternoon i sent some emails to some email accounts it delivers successfully (but after 10-15 Re: Bytes Sent/Received for Tomcat mstellaluna Oct 13, 2010 8:06 AM ( in response to mstellaluna ) When i check my Hyperic HQ server i see a metric group set called "Hyperic HQ Tomcat 6.0" which has the sub-metric categories of "Tomcat Connector Metrics and Tomcat Webapp Metrics". I googled and found this question because TCPView is not showing me sent/received bytes in 64 bit Win7. Several other people have reported this but no solution has ever been posted. Since you guys are elbows deep in the internals, any ideas why this could be happening? – Christian Shay Feb 1 '13 at 4:34

Re: Bytes sent 0 Bytes Received I am jumping in late and it's probably fixed but I do not see the solution so let me toss out an observation. Just this week I rolled out a new VPN concentrator 3020 and had this exact symptom.

Why at Wifi Status ( Received ) is bigger than the amount ( sent ? ) , is that normal ? should nt it be smaller than the sent bytes?? as an example Sent =6.168 , Received = 47.385 !! I wish someone Aug 13, 2008 · More bytes received than sent, is this normal? I just opened up my status on the task bar where it shows my computer is connected to the internet. It says 51 million were sent and 221 million have been received. Bytes_received The number of bytes received from all clients. This variable was added in MySQL 3.23.7. # Bytes_sent The number of bytes sent to all clients. This variable was added in MySQL 3.23.7. but i am few confusion .. (a) Bytes Received : i guess its anything insert into database or any query recieved from php or any other application Through LAN bytes are not only send, they are also received. LAN is the acronym for Local Access Network basically a computer network. In a network bytes are sent and received. AppNetworkCounter is a simple tool for Windows that counts and displays the number of TCP/UDP bytes and packets sent and received by every application on your system. For every application, the following information is displayed: the number of sent and received bytes, number of sent and received packets, number of sent/received IPv4 bytes Datagrams Received/sec. Datagrams Sent/sec. TCPv4, TCPv6. Segments Received/sec. Segments Sent/sec. Segments Retransmitted/sec. Network Interface(*), Network Adapter(*) Bytes Received/sec. Bytes Sent/sec. Packets Received/sec. Packets Sent/sec. Output Queue Length. This counter is the length of the output packet queue (in packets). If this is Currently the bytes sent is: 23,551,040 whereas the Bytes received is: 3,963,943 All I am doing over the net is surfing. I am not uploading or sending any data manually.